1880, April 4: Birth of Georg Ludwig Ritter von Trapp

1905, 26. January:  Maria Augusta Kutschera with roots from Zillertal/Tirol is born in Vienna

1911: Georg von Trapp marries Agathe Whitehead, moves to Pula

1914: The family flees from war to the Erlhof  in Zell am See (today a property of the  Porsche Family Piech). Four children are born. 

1915: Georg von Trapp, as a submarine commander, sinks war ship „Leon Gambetta“

1922, 3. September: Agathe dies of scarlet fever, which she caught from the children

1924: Maria becomes novice in the Benedictine Abbey of Nonnberg.

1926: Maria joins the family, consisting of the seven children Rupert, Werner, Agathe, Johanna, Maria, Martina and Hedwig

1927, 26. November: Maria und Georg von Trapp marry in the abbey of Nonnberg

1929:  Rosmarie von Trapp is born; Eleonore follows in  1931

1934: Trapps home bank, the Lammer-Bank, goes bankrupt during the depression; all the outcome of the two companies he has sold is lost

1936: Monsignore Franz Wasner and Maria found the Trapp Family Choir and tour through Europe.

1937: The family wins first prize of the Singers Competition of the Salzburg Festival

1938, March 12: Hitler invades Austria. The Baron is drafted to the submarine fleet of the German Kriegsmarine. Trapp refuses to perform to the honor of Adolf Hitlers birthday in Munich. The family leaves Austria in August and tours again.

1938, October 7: The Trapps travel onboard of „SS American Farmer“ to New York.

1938, December 10: The Trapps perform in New York Town Hall. Because of expired visas, they have to return to pre War Europe – and stage concerts in the Scandinavian countries.

1939: Hitler starts WW2. The Trapps US-Manager arranges a second attempt to get the singing family to the States. The family, now complete with youngest son Johannes, emigrates to America. Their intermediate quarter is in Merion, Pennsylvania.

1942: A farm house in Stowe, Vermont, is named „Cor Unum“ and is the new home of the Trapps. 

1945:  Start of the „Trapp Music Camps“

1947, May 30: Baron Georg von Trapp dies in Boston. Maria founds the „Trapp Family  Austrian Relief“. 150 tons of goods are shipped to poor families in Austria.

1948: Maria publishes her book “The Trapp Family Singers“, which serves as the authentic base for all future musicals and films

1950: Maria is awarded a high order by the Pope. The family members are guests at the Salzburg Festival

1956: The last concert of the family in the USA, after totalling more than 2.000. More than 150 songs had been arranged by Franz Wasner. „The Trapp Family“, a film by Wolfgang Liebeneiner, featuring Ruth Leuwerik and Hans Holt, reaches a tremendous success. Maria is “Catholic Mother of the Year” in the US.  

1958: „The Trapp Family in America“ is a sequel to Liebeneiners first Trapp feature.

1959, November 16: „The Sound of Music“, the Musical of Richard Rodgers and Oscar Hammerstein II., starts on Broadway, closing after incredible 1443 Shows.

1964, March 26: Cameras roll for the big picture „The Sound of Music“ with Julie Andrews and Christopher Plummer in their leading parts.

1965: „The Sound of Music“is on screen for first time. The German version, „Meine Lieder, meine Träume“ (My Songs, My Dreams) makes a bad start in Germany and Austria, due to hard cuts of the film (the Nazi scenes are removed) and bad marketing.

1967: The staging in London even supersedes Broadway, the final curtain falls after 2.386 shows

1980, December 20: The old lodge burns to the ground. Within the next three a modern hotel specialising in cross country skiing is built

1987, March 28: Maria von Trapp dies in Morrisville, Vermont. Julie Andrews films „The Sound of Christmas“ in Salzburg

1992, June 21: The founder of the musical fame of the Trapps, Father Franz Wasner, dies in Salzburg

1998: Re-Staging of „The Sound of Music“ at M. Beck Theatre on Broadway

2000: The Congress and Meeting Center of Trapp Lodge opens

2004, May: An US-production starts the biggest tour to Asia a western company has ever undertaken, including China, Japan, Korea und Singapore

2005: The staging of “The Sound of Music” in a German version in Vienna finally wins the hearts of the Austrian audience. The film is issued in a German DVD version. 18.000 concertgoers loudly accompany the sing along-version of the film in the „Hollywood-Bowl“ in Los Angeles 

September, 8: “The von Trapp Children“ Amanda, Melanie, Sofia und Justin, kids of Stefan G. (grandson of Georg von Trapp) and Annie E. von Trapp, who represent the fourth Trapp-Generation, stop over in Salzburg during their World Concert tour. „Liesl“ Charmian Carr films a „Making of“ in Salzburg.

2006, November 15: Premiere of the Musical of Andrew Lloyd Webber in Palladium Theatre in London. Maria’s character is found in a national casting broadcast by the BBC. Since its start, the musical runs to a sold-out theatre with 2.283 seats.

2007, Oktober 11: Werner von Trapp dies. The first generation still alive: Agathe (born 1913), Maria (1914), Rosmarie (1929), Eleonore (1931) and Johannes (1939). Johannes runs the Trapp Family Lodge as general manager.

2008: The former living place of the family in Salzburg, the Villa Trapp, opens for the first time in history to the public; It is a historic landmark and a hotel. Salzburg takes high profit out of the movie, till the present day: 70 percent of the overseas tourists say that their major motive to come to Salzburg was the movie, totalling 1,2 million overnight stays a year. This makes Salzburg the most visited and renowned movie site of the world. More than a billion people in the world have seen the movie so far

2010, December 28: Agathe von Trapp the eldest daughter of Agathe Whitehead and Georg v. Trapp passes away.

2014: February 18. Maria Franziska von Trapp second eldest daughter of Agahte Wihitehead and Georg v. Trapp and the last of the seven living protagonist siblings passes away. With her death an era dies.