Concert with Elisabeth von Trapp: Maria Plain pilgrimage basilica

How do you leave your homeland? As a family, what do you do when fleeing is the only option? How would you spend that “final evening”? On that fateful day back in 1938, Salzburg’s von Trapp family felt a deep need for silence and reflection, seeking out the Maria Plain Pilgrimage Basilica at a late hour as a secluded oasis where they might sing together. 

80 years have passed since then. The movie “The Sound of Music” has made the family, and Salzburg, world-famous. But there come moments such as these, when you yearn to become more keenly aware of what truly happened. What did they actually sing that night? Elisabeth von Trapp (daughter of Werner von Trapp and granddaughter of Georg von Trapp and Maria) will share this moving story with us through music, in a unique concert on 17 June 2018 at the invitation of Bergheim Tourist Office.

A musician in her own right, she will sing together with the Maria Plain Vocal Ensemble that same selection of songs that haven’t been sung at this “original location”, the Pilgrimage Basilica, since 1938. The music will be interspersed with readings of texts from actual letters that were exchanged at the time. According to Elisabeth von Trapp, it was her relatives’ hope that, one day, they would indeed return to their homeland. Now, they will do just that, in this special way, through the songs they loved. 

After the concert: reception at Hotel Gasthof Maria Plain, including a personal "Meet & Greet with Elisabeth von Trapp.